Konstruktive Conflict Management

We will come in and take you through a day course which involves several activities during the day. But the main agenda is to educate attendees on how to solve conflicts when they arise. The training is based on fives well-known strategies used to resolve disputes. The strategies are avoiding competing, accommodation, compromising and collaborating. To get a tip of the iceberg, the trainers will dwell more on strategies that involve bringing the different parties together and making each accommodate each other while compromising on issues at hand.

The primary goal during theĀ Training Firm is to learn how not to pick a side but remain being the peacemaker. While avoiding the conflict isn’t a bad idea it doesn’t achieve any goal at the end of the day. Avoiding the conflict will only prolong the suffering which will build up and explode leading to a huge dispute. Furthermore affected parties will be withholding views and proposals on how to solve the conflict. On the other hand, if people are competing, it means they are working to be number one.