Other Services

We also provide team building exercises to our clients to ensure teamwork and your working relationships are in line at your working areas. Furthermore, we offer the best customer training services in the industry and would love to revamp the skills of your customer support staff. For the team building exercises, our premises have enough outdoor spaces which will have all sorts of activities available

Besides running theĀ Training Firm center, we also have a blog up and running and post tips on how to handle different difficult situations at your workstations for instance tips on how to handle hard or rude customers. The blogs posts are many and suitable for both work and home environments. We are also available on social media and hold talks on regularly about difficult situations people experience while either at work and home.

Through people sharing their personal experiences, we at Konstruktive get to update our training modules. So the next time you are faced with an uncontrollable situation talk to us. To get more information concerning any of our courses, please call us via any of the open channels whether email, live chat, social media or call us. Our customer support assistants are more than ready to help you schedule a training session for your staff.