Training Firm

Our services are open to all people from every walk of life whether you want to train students, your staff or want to give your kids a crash course at home on how to handle themselves out in the wild. We can carve out a training manual based on your schedules to ensure its smooth and don’t interfere with any of your day to day duties. We can either do the training in house or have you and your team come to our premises. We have an excellent working space that enables the attendees to feel free and express themselves without fear of being victimized.


We have different teams working under our training firm with others working on part times basis. Most of our trainers are professionals who are certified and work with us in various capacities. Furthermore, they are friendly down to earth and are ready to train you.

Among the many courses, we offer conflict management. It is the primary short course we train on at Konstruktive Training Consultancy. Our working environments and life have brought us from different backgrounds in life. And while our parents did their best in raising us well, out in the world, we face different situations and get hurt by others. It is through getting hurt that we retaliate back and create conflicts. Conflicts can skyrocket into huge arguments which led to war with the latter bringing in pain and suffering. To help you sort it before it becomes a huge problem try out ourĀ Konstruktive Conflict Management course.